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The city of Mombasa is the second largest in the Republic of Kenya and is a coastal city centered on the island of Mombasa, but also extending onto the mainland. The island is separated from the mainland by two straits. The area is characterized by a tropical climate, with the rainiest months being April and May, and the driest being January and February. The temperature in different months varies from 20 °C to 35 °C.

There is no historical information about the exact date of the foundation of the city of Mombasa. The locals associate the beginning of the settlement with two rulers Mwana Mkisi and Shehe Mvita. The legend tells how Shehe Mvita wrested power from Mwana Mkisi and established his own settlement on the island of Mombasa. Shehe Mwita is known in folk lore as the founder of the modern values ​​of Swahili culture with which the city and region are identified. It is known that around the 12th century, Mombasa was an extremely developed commercial destination. This is one of the reasons that attract Europeans to these lands. In the 16th century, Vasco da Gama was the first European to visit the city, and he initiated the seizure of local values ​​by the Portuguese. In 1638, Mombasa was already part of the Portuguese colonies. The city later became part of British East Africa and was the capital of Kenya until 1905, after which the city of Nairobi was declared the capital. Thanks to the city’s early heyday and its fame as East Africa’s largest port, Mombasa is now a major tourist hub. The attractiveness of the area contributes to the enrichment of Mombasa’s cultural heritage and the city becomes a center of diverse peoples.

When visiting this destination, you will have the incredible opportunity to explore one of the remarkable architectural achievements. An example of such an achievement is Fort Jesus, built in 1593-1590 by the Portuguese, today the fortress is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The fort was built in the shape of a man and although partially ruined, today it houses a museum whose exhibits include an incredible collection of vessels and household items reflecting the different cultures that traded in the area. The fort is open to visitors every day from 8am to 6pm. Fort Jesus is located on the south-eastern side of the island and stretches out amongst the ‘Old Town’ of Mombasa. The architecture of the old part of the city reflects the diversity of peoples who lived on these lands. The absorbing atmosphere of this place can easily captivate you for hours, strolling through the old streets, eating at various restaurants and cafes, shopping for antiques, essential oils, spices, souvenirs and what not. If you head towards the city center, you will witness the main symbol of Mombasa – the intersecting tusks forming the letter “M”. They were built in 1952 in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Mombasa and are a symbol of the city’s entrance. The Bombolulu Cultural Center is also one of the main attractions of the city. It was created as a project of the Association for People with Physical Disabilities. In it you can enjoy traditional dances, beats and culture of Kenya. The cultural center also offers its visitors a variety of shops with handmade products and a restaurant where you can eat delicious Kenyan dishes after tiring shopping.

Haller Park is one of the most amazing places to visit in Mombasa – a thriving ecosystem, but man-made. The park is home to many animal species, including giraffes, African buffalo, zebras, hippopotamuses, turtles, over 160 species of birds and many other species of interest to Europeans. Special pedestrian and bicycle lanes have been created in it to make visiting the park even more pleasant. The most enjoyable attraction is that there is an opportunity to join in feeding the giraffes.

One of Kenya’s most visited reserves is the Mombasa National Marine Reserve. In it you have the opportunity to see the protected mango trees, great sandbars, coral reef and a variety of sea creatures. The reserve offers its visitors diving in the depths of the sea, among seahorses, fish, stingrays and eels. There is always the opportunity to see all this from a specially equipped glass-bottomed boat, which provides a view that cannot be seen anywhere else in Europe. Mombasa’s most popular beaches provide free access to the marine reserve. Another attraction of the city is its beautiful beaches. Palm trees, crystal clear waters, coral reefs and plenty of water sports. – Opportunities for sports. Apart from the must-see water attractions and sports that are available in Mombasa, one of the most attractive places for young and old alike is the Mombasa Go-Kart. The place offers from simple go-kart tracks to extreme jumping on off-road buggies. Your entertainment is absolutely guaranteed. After you are tired and your emotions are over, you can rest and have a meal in the family restaurants nearby.

As such a popular tourist destination, Mombasa offers an extraordinary variety of bars, discotheques and many different themed establishments.

Useful information
Manifestations of homosexuality in Kenya are absolutely prohibited and punishable by imprisonment.
If an establishment has an entrance fee, you have the right to look inside before paying.
Be sure to take the time to shop at your local market, you’ll be surprised how enjoyable and fun it can be.
Drink lots of water.
Take care of your valuables and do not leave them on display.
Don’t trust strangers. For the direction or location of a given object, inquire in advance from the hotel, a city map or a familiar person.
Before getting into a taxi, negotiate the price with the driver, because they usually ask for much more than the actual price.
Be aware of the value of the local currency and always calculate in advance exactly how much you have to pay. Locals like to keep quiet about a larger than usual tip.

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