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The town of Tryavna is located in the valley of the Trevnenska River on the northern slopes of Stara Planina, at 440 m above sea level. It is located about 22 km from the city of Gabrovo, 42 km from Veliko Tarnovo, 226 km from Sofia and 264 km from the city of Varna. The climate in the region is characterized by cool summers and mild winters.

In the past, the area was inhabited by Thracian tribes. In the middle of the 16th century, the area began to be settled by people who guarded the passage from robber raids. Thus, over time, the population grew, and in the XVII-XVIII centuries, the cultural and craft upsurge of Tryavna began. The locals started the oldest revival school in Bulgaria – Trevnenska. Today, the city is an opportunity for every visitor to look back at the era of rise and prosperity of the Bulgarian people. In the center of Tryavna is located one of the many symbols of the city, namely the Clock Tower. It was built in 1814 and reaches a height of 21 m, today the tower is an architectural and construction cultural monument of national importance. In the city, you have the opportunity to visit several museums, each of which captivates with its authenticity. One of the most famous museums is the Daskalovata house, whose carved sun ceilings are a symbol of carving in our country. The museum also offers extremely interesting attractions, such as painting ivy leaves / according to an old Trevna tradition/, arranging a “Solar puzzle” and special “Evening visits” including a program and a treat. The Raikova Kashta museum is a typical representative of the Trevna school of architecture. In addition to offering a walk through the Renaissance way of life and architecture, the Raikova House offers the possibility of “Weaving on a small loom”, “Dyeing or appliqué of traditional women’s costume or urban women’s clothing”, “Evening visits” and you also have “Retro – photo atelier”. In the city of Tryavna, one of the first secular schools in Bulgaria was established, today it has been turned into a museum. There you could take part in woodcarving training and even get married in an authentic Old School setting. Another important symbol of the city, which preserves samples of the Trevnen icon painting school, is the Icon Museum. The exposition of the museum has over 160 original icons and tools of painters from Tryavna. The city also houses the only Museum of Asian and African art in the Balkans. Under the sounds of this different from Bulgarian culture, you can view over 200 exhibits from Nepal, Tibet, China, India and many African countries. Also worthy of attention are the Angel-Kuncheva House, the historical monument Pop Angel’s House, the museum Slaveikova House, the Kazakov Gallery and the Art Gallery. You should not miss the walk along the Old Street of Tryavna, where there are carving workshops, shops for hand-made souvenirs, here is also the papukchiynitsa / workshop for leather shoes/, a workshop for folk costumes and many others.
For lovers of religious tourism, the church has been declared a cultural monument on the territory of Tryavna municipality „Св. Архангел Михаил“ and the church “St. George” in Tryavna and the church “St. Prophet Elijah” in Plachkovtsi.

Besides the city being one of the cultural centers of Bulgaria, it can also boast of remarkable nature. Located in the central part of Stara planina Tryavna is an extremely suitable place for mountain and eco tourism. In the area there are the peaks of Golyam Krastets with a height of 2034 m and Bazovets / 897 m/, for which hiking trails are marked. Part of the territory of Tryavna is covered by the “Bulgarka” nature park, which, in addition to providing an opportunity for “green tourism”, provides the opportunity for various types of alternative tourism such as – ski and snowshoe treks, mountain and road cycling, horse tourism, speleology, hang gliding and travel for people with various interests such as geology, ornithology, botany, wildlife watching, visiting monasteries, shrines and holy places, rural and wine tourism and many more.
It is interesting to note that in the city of Tryavna, a Children’s Specialized Hospital for Lung Diseases was established, which is the only medical facility for further treatment and long-term treatment of lung diseases in children. The hospital was built on a special site after a climatological study was done. Patients with bronchial asthma and chronic bronchitis, children, are especially well affected by the conditions provided by the hospital combined with clean air and a low concentration of the usual allergic agents and the absence of atmospheric pollutants.
About 17 km from the town of Tryavna is the village of Voneshta voda. The village is famous for its healing mineral springs, whose water composition resembles that of world-famous spas and spas in the Swiss Alps and France. The healing properties of water help with skin diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and more. Years ago, the resort was one of the main spa destinations in Bulgaria. It is suitable for elderly people and families looking for a secluded place for rest and treatment.

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