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About the destination

Clean mountain air, the beautiful and unspoiled nature in combination with remarkable architectural and cultural-historical heritage.

Panagyurishte offers a variety of opportunities for rural, eco, cultural-historical, balneo and hunting tourism in the nature, which, in combination with the clean air and beautiful architecture, make this place the most desirable tourist destination in the Middle Highlands.

The town of Panagyurishte is located in Central Bulgaria, at the foot of the Schtinska Sredna Gora. The city is located 93 km east of the city of Sofia, 43 km north of the city of Pazardzhik and 75 km northwest of the city of Plovdiv.

The history of the city of Panagyurishte dates back to Antiquity. Many Thracian mounds were found in the area, in one of which, the burial of a Thracian chief was discovered (the “Marble” mound). Not far from it, in 1949, the world-famous Panagyura Treasure was discovered, a unique monument of Thracian culture and civilization, dating from the IV-III centuries BC. The treasure was discovered by chance by the three brothers – Pavel, Petko and Mihail Dejkovi. It consists of nine ritual vessels made of pure gold, with a total weight of over 6 kg. From an inscription on the phial, it became clear that the vessels were made in the city of Lampsakos/Dardanelles/ on the coast of Asia Minor. Every year for one month, the original of the Panagyur Golden Treasure is exhibited in the “Panagyur Golden Treasure” exhibition in a specially built vault hall. During the Renaissance, the city of Panagyurishte was the center of the April Uprising/1876/ and was declared the capital of Bulgaria for a period of 10 days.
Thanks to the favorable climate, the pleasant atmosphere, the responsiveness of the local population and the long-standing history that has been preserved to this day in the Panagyur region, the city has always attracted many visitors, lovers of rural, hunting, cultural-cognitive and balneo tourism. In the vicinity of Panagyurishte there are historical settlements, such as: Strelcha, Starosel, Hisar and Koprivshtitsa. A memorable place for every Bulgarian is the nearby area of ​​Oborishte, where in April 1876 the First Bulgarian National Assembly was held and the Bulgarian democracy was born.
The architecture of the city of Panagyurishte is extremely impressive. There are many well-known preserved/partially restored/house-museums that must be visited. Among them are: Dudek’s house, Tuteva’s house, Lekova’s house, Junova’s house, Hadjidimitrov’s house, “Raina Princess” house-museum. All of them, together with the historical museum in the city, recreate the Renaissance way of life and culture in the Panagyur region, through various expositions of traditional items of home crafts, dishes for preparing and eating food, traditional male and female costumes, wall paintings and monuments.
The mineral springs in Panagyurishte, Banya and Poibrene offer a wonderful opportunity for a balneo vacation. The healing mineral waters of the village of Banya, in the balneosatoriums created over the years, have shaped the settlement as a resort village with well-developed balneo tourism.
The Panagyur region is also known for its hunting tourism. Many lovers of the hunting sport prefer this place, since the territory of the hunting farm is very large/nearly 17,500 ha/ and game species such as red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, roe deer, etc. are found in it.
Other interesting places that you can visit if you decide to make an excursion or just a vacation for a few days are the resort villages – Panagyur colonies and the Manzul area, known for their vast oak and beech forests and clean air, which according to some researchers is medicinal and helps strengthen children’s health. A ski slope has been created for winter sports lovers at Panagyurski colonies.

The area is accessible to all age groups, both for children and teenagers, children and youth trips/excursions/, children’s camps, congress events, and for everyone who wants to spend a calm and interesting holiday, filled with many emotions and memories, recalling the history of our forefathers, their crafts and their way of life.

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