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About the destination


General information

Area: 83,855 sq. km
Time zone: UTC +2; difference from Bulgaria – 1 hour
Population: 8,414,638 d.
System of government: parliamentary republic
Capital: Vienna
Official language: German
Main religion: Christianity (73.6% Catholic)
Currency: Euro

Useful information

Local currency

Euro (EUR)

Crime and security

Crime rate – low.

Peculiarities in legislation

Legislation of an EU Member State.

Road traffic

Right-hand traffic on roads.

Driving on motorways requires a toll sticker. This obligation takes effect immediately after crossing the Austrian border. The stickers are sold at all border points upon entering the country, at gas stations or in “Tabak” shops.


Level of healthcare – high.

The European Health Insurance Card enables the use of the right to medical assistance in emergencies, which all citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria with continuous health insurance rights have in the countries of the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

Travel documents and visa regime

For Austria, Bulgarian citizens travel with a passport, identity card, temporary passport or seaman’s passport of a crew member sailing on the Danube. The personal document with which Bulgarian citizens travel in Austria should be valid until leaving the territory of the country.

A visa-free regime is in force for Bulgarian citizens in Austria. When entering Austria, the requirements of a country from the Schengen area apply.

When children up to the age of 18 travel alone or with a companion, it is necessary to submit, upon request from the Austrian border authorities, a self-signed declaration of consent in German by both, respectively one parent /notarization is not required/. The same role could be fulfilled by the notarized declaration in Bulgarian, translated and certified in German.

When Bulgarian citizens travel through Austria with a car that is not owned by the driver, it is recommended to have a power of attorney from the owner, translated and certified in German for presentation during checks by the Austrian police authorities.

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