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Melnik is Bulgaria’s smallest city. It is located in the southwestern parts of the Pirin mountain, 174 km from the city of Sofia, 27 km from the city of Petrich and 20 km from the city of Sandanski. The town of Melnik is a remarkable place with a variety of natural and cultural sights, it has been declared an architectural-historical reserve and is part of the Hundred National Sites of Bulgaria.

One of the most famous natural phenomena of Bulgaria is located in the Melnik area, namely the Melnik pyramids. They are rock formations that reach up to 100 m in height. The interesting rock formations along with the unique charm of the town of Melnik have been attracting visitors to the area for decades. In addition to the rock pyramids, you can also enjoy a variety of other formations such as rock mushrooms, needles, cones and others. 7.5 km from the city is located another main landmark of the region – the Rozhen Monastery. The temple in the monastery dates back to the 16th century and impresses with its unique wall paintings from the end of the 16th, the beginning of the 17th century and the first half of the 18th century. They depict the miraculous activities of Jesus Christ after his resurrection and praise the Mother of God as the protector of the Byzantine capital. The iconostasis of the Church of the Nativity is one of the most impressive in Bulgaria and was created in 1732. The monastery has a chapel called “St. St. Cosmas and Damian”, which houses the oldest iconostasis in Bulgaria. In addition to the church and chapel, the monastery has separate residential buildings, which unfortunately do not offer accommodation, but the proximity of the monastery to the town of Melnik is a sufficient prerequisite for the presence of thousands of tourists and pilgrims in the Rozhensky region. 41 km from the town of Melnik is the National Park-Museum “Samuel’s Fortress”, which is part of the Hundred National Tourist Sites of the country. About 20 km from Melnik is the Rupite locality, which together with the temple-monument “St. “Petka Bulgarska” is a pleasant complex with a park, which is also part of the Hundred National Tourist Sites of Bulgaria. The area is famous for the fact that the famous and respected clairvoyant Vanga lived in this place. According to her, the area is covered by a special miraculous energy. The area is located at the foot of the Kozhuh hill, declared a natural reserve for reptiles. From the hill itself, you have the opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire Petrichko field and the surrounding mountains. 2 km from the village of Rupite, the remains of the ancient city of Petra were found, which is said to have been founded in the last quarter of the IV century BC. On the territory of the city of Melnik itself, there are unique sights. One of the most attractive sites for visitors is the Kordopul House. The house was built in 1754 and is the largest preserved house from the 19th century in the country. The house was owned by a wealthy Greek family and was built for the production and storage of wine. The wine cellar of the house is an underground tunnel carved into the rock, 150 m long, which can hold up to 300 tons of wine. The wine cellar still functions today, and it is no coincidence that there is no visitor to Melnik who has not enjoyed the acclaimed Melnik wine at least once during their stay. On the territory of the city there are many remains of ancient fortresses, churches and houses preserved to this day – monuments of culture. The most attractive for tourists are: the church “St. Nicholas”, the church /basilica/ “St. Anthony”, the Pasha’s house / city historical museum/, the Turkish inn, the fortress of despot Slav, the monastery “St. Virgin Spileotis”, the church “St. Varvara”, the church of “St. Nicholas the Wonderworker”, monastery “St. Haralampii”, the church of “St. St. Peter and Paul”, the Bolyarska house and the church “St. John the Forerunner.

Apart from its incredible history, the city of Melnik attracts thousands of tourists with its remarkable nature. The town is the starting point for the Pirin Hut and the Malina Hut. A tourist route has been created from the town of Melnik to the Rozhen Monastery. The road passes through the unique Melnik pyramids, beautiful areas where oak, beech and conifer forests flourish. The duration of the route is about 1-1:30 hours.

The town of Melnik is one of the places in Bulgaria where you can find everything you need for a full and fruitful vacation. The city has many places to stay, traditional Bulgarian taverns, and a spa center. The spa center is part of a complex and offers a Roman bath, a Finnish sauna, a jacuzzi, a solarium and a massage center.

We strongly recommend a more active vacation in this part of Bulgaria, including a walk among the incredible nature, touching ancient history and miraculous places, and for lovers of good and quality wine, there is no reason to worry – there is plenty of it. Melnik can actually respond more than adequately to a very wide range of leisure preferences. The destination is suitable both for families with children and for inquisitive travelers, for organizing company events and academic events, it is worth showing Melnik to our private guests as well.

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