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About the destination

General information about the Republic of Brazil

Area: 8,547,404 sq. km
Time zones: UTC – 4, UTC -3, UTC – 2
Population: 203 657 210
State structure: republic
Capital: Brazil
Official language: portuguese
Main religion: Christianity (Catholics, Protestants),
Currency: real / 1 EUR = 3,9281 BRL/

Useful information

Travel documents and visa regime
Travel to the country with a valid foreign passport.
Visa-free regime for stays of up to 90 calendar days.

Crime and security
The crime rate is high, especially in the big cities.

Peculiarities of the legislation
Sentences for drug possession and trafficking range from 5 to 15 years. The country has a consistent policy to combat drug trafficking, accompanied by particularly careful control at airports, carried out with the latest technology.

Road traffic
From the capital to the south, the infrastructure is relatively well maintained, however, there are many broken and unrepaired sections that must be crossed with care. In the northern part of the country, the infrastructure is less developed.

Healthcare is at a high level in the private sector. There is government health insurance that covers basic and emergency treatments.

Practical advice
It is recommended to use organized tourist tours of the central part and the sights of the cities. Completely avoid the slums known as favelas.
It is recommended to refuse to carry someone else’s luggage, even when its contents are known.
When traveling with a personal or rented car, travel only during the day and stop only at designated parking lots that are very well equipped.
It is recommended to travel with prepaid health insurance.
It is forbidden to import any kind of food and pets without the relevant certificates, for which the checks are very strict and the fines are high.

SOURCE: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria

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